My knee pain significantly reduced by 60% and after eight sessions

“I was referred to Ron Clinton to address my knee pain related problems. Each week, I run about 15 miles on a treadmill and play two rounds of golf. I developed pain in both of my knees, noticeable when I was walking and significantly painful while climbing stairs. I was diagnosed with PFS and was referred to Ron Clinton, PT by my Dr.

Ron started off with basic stretch exercises involving my pelvic structure, followed by stretch routines on my upper thigh, calf, and back. He recommended doing basic balancing exercises, although I was quite skeptical because we were not targeting my knee, which was the troubled area. Amazingly, within two sessions of these workouts with Ron, my knee pain significantly reduced by 60% and after eight sessions, my knee pain was relieved. I have continued these exercises at home and am back to running and playing golf. I get some knee pain occasionally, but once I go through Ron’s routine of stretching and exercises, I have immediate relief.

– Susan M

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