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Ron Clinton PT, M.Ed.,Certified McKenzie Physical Therapist

Barb V. is an 83 year old who was doing Pilates and walking 3 miles a day.

She was having a long relaxing dinner with friends one day and when she got up to leave she had intense pain in her knee. An x-ray by an orthopedist showed what he called bone on bone changes.

He recommended a total knee replacement which the patient did have in
January 2023.

After surgery she had a course of physical therapy but she still had pain.

The next intervention was a nerve block which did not relieve the pain.

After that she tried a $12,000 pain intervention that did not work.

She eventually got complete relief using the McKenzie Method (

It turns out that, using directional preference assessment (McKenzie), the pain was determined to be originating from her low back.

On discharge this summer she was walking 1.5 miles without pain. I spoke to her on 11-7-23 and she is back to walking 3 miles per day.

So, her knee still has the same x-ray changes, but they were not the reason for her pain.

The takeaways for anyone with significant knee pain are the following:

1. An x-ray or MRI is a picture at a point in time but is often not the final answer for the proper and most effective treatment.
2. A McKenzie assessment can rule out or rule in the spine as a contributor or as the primary source of the problem.
3. Try Physical Therapy before injections, surgery or expensive treatments.
4. Empower yourself with information from the websites mentioned above.

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