Rochester Hills Physical Therapist Ron Clinton Releases Educational Booklet: “Self-Manage Knee Pain: 52 Tips Before Considering Injections or Surgery.”

Consumers with knee pain now have a concise guide to help them make informed decisions about knee treatments.

May 29th, 2023 – Release date on Amazon.

Clients experiencing knee pain will learn self-management skills they can immediately implement.

“Before allowing any practitioner to stick a needle or a blade into your knee, you must read this book.” – Ron Clinton, PT

Author Biography: Ron Clinton, PT, M.Ed., CERT. MDT, is a McKenzie-certified physical therapist in private practice in Rochester Hills, Michigan. He focuses on holistic and individualized approaches to treatment and education for prevention. He also presents educational presentations to physical therapists. His first book was titled “How to Prevent Burnout and Achieve Personal Well-Being.”

If you have ongoing or periodic knee pain, you will find the essential guidance needed to make informed decisions among the 52 tips. Once you identify the tips that are appropriate for you, you need to take action and incorporate them into your daily regimen to achieve the best results.

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