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We specialize in treating back, neck, and knee pain using the McKenzie System of Physical Therapy Treatment. Our team of experienced physical therapists is dedicated to helping patients overcome their pain and improve their quality of life.

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Welcome From Ron Clinton

My knee throws off my balance on uneven ground, making me feel wobbly and unsure of each step.

It’s disheartening, I struggle to lower myself down like I used to, my knee just won’t cooperate.

It’s frustrating, my knee feels stiff and resistant, making it hard to bend like it used to.

My knee just won’t let me sleep at night, it’s constantly throbbing and keeping me up.

My knee feels all puffy and swollen, like it’s blown up.

It’s disappointing, I’ve been unhappy with my knee surgery since it didn’t bring the expected relief, and I’m still grappling with persistent pain.

I get frustrated that my knee has a tendency to suddenly lock up on me, causing unexpected moments of immobility.

Every time I get up from sitting, my knee feels stiff and takes a while to loosen up.

It’s sleep-depriving, my back pain keeps me wide awake throughout the night, making it hard to find any relief.

My back pain significantly hampers my golf game, making it challenging to swing and move comfortably.

Each morning I wake up with a painfully stiff back that takes time to loosen up.

After prolonged sitting, I find it difficult to straighten up and experience discomfort in my back.

I avoid lifting heavy objects due to the lingering back pain it triggers.

Driving long distances only aggravates the symptoms of my back pain.

Ron Clinton, our founder, has served as a coordinator of back care at Henry Ford Hospital and Crittenton Hospital. 

We are proud to receive referrals and patients from The Cleveland Clinic. Our exceptional success rate has earned us referrals from the clinic’s local spinal surgeon and pain specialist, who send us their most challenging cases.

If you’re dealing with back, neck, or knee pain and looking for a solution, Knee and Spine PT can help. Contact us today to make an appointment and take the first step towards a pain-free life.

Our Course

Self-Manage Knee Pain

In this comprehensive course (based on the booklet: Self-managed Knee Pain: Tips, Strategies and Exercises Before Injections or Surgery), you are provided with 8 different sections, 17 different modules and more than four and a half hours of content.

Included are many video demonstrations of exercises and strategies that have worked very well for many of my clients as well as hundreds of other clients who are treated with the directional preference assessment and treatment approach.

The content provided is evidence-based and current. You are given clear instructions to guide you through a potentially life-changing experience.

Some knee pain providers want you to start with more expensive programs that have little evidence to support them. Other providers want to do invasive techniques (shots/surgery) before trying conservative methods as taught in this course.

Here are the Objectives for Each Module of the Course.

Module 1

A. Understand the knee pain vicious cycle.
B. Realize that knee pain not resolved quickly triggers a series of unfavorable events.
C. Learn why less steps per day, weight gain, more need for medication, loss of strength and inflammation lead to more of the same.

Module 2

A. Learn why worldwide research and treatment guidelines support learning self-management skills to manage chronic knee pain.
B. Learn how this builds confidence to manage your pain and not be managed by it.

Module 3

A. Learn why imaging tests (x-rays and MRIs) are a picture in time and should only be a part of the decision making process regarding your knee treatment.
B. Learn why you need to understand the role of inflammation in knee pain.

Module 4

A. Learn the stunning limitations and risks associated with over-the-counter medications, opioids, injections and surgery.

Module 5

A. Learn additional helpful information to self-manage and control inflammation.
B. Learn about research regarding the best diets to reduce inflammation or aggravation of the knee.

Module 6

A. Learn strategies to break the vicious cycle of unfavorable events caused by knee pain.

Module 7

A. Learn easy to implement self-management interventions.
B. Identify the importance of self-management. This module provides practical examples and suggestions.

Module 8

A. Learn lifestyle modification and principles for managing daily activities and protecting the knee.
B. Learn simple changes you can make to lesson pain and increase function.

Module 9.

A. Learn how professional guidance and consultation can enhance your ability to self-manage knee pain.
B. Learn how to choose the most conservative, cost-effective and evidence-based program.

Module 10

A. Learn why your knee pain may not be a knee problem.
B. Learn how to do self-assessment to determine if the spine could be involved with your knee pain and decreased function.
C. Learn the possibilities for improvement from actual case studies.

Module 11

A. Learn how to self-assess your knee and determine if you have a directional preference of movement.
B. Learn specific directional preference exercises.

Module 12

A. Learn why exercise for the knee or spine is like a medication.  Learn the importance of dose frequency and timing, et cetera.
B. Learn why every self-treatment program will be an individual program with a combination of exercise, daily activity modification, and specific self-management strategies.
C. Learn exercise guidelines.

Module 13

A. Learn key lower extremity strengthening exercises-an important factor in determining long-term success.
B. Learn hip exercises that are helpful for knee issues.

Module 14

A. Learn guidelines for strategic and safe walking without flaring up your knee.
B. Learn how to deal with limping or slowed down walking secondary to knee pain.

Module 15

A. Learn how a stress-reducing exercise can be an important piece of your holistic plan to self-manage pain in the knee and other areas of the body.
B. Identify if running can or should be on your list of exercises.

Module 16

A. Learn how professional guidance from a physical therapist, in conjunction with self-management strategies learned in this course, can help you achieve another level of success.
B. Exhaust all conservative strategies before letting any practitioner stick needles, scopes or blades into your knee.

Module 17

A. Identify and outline your unique, personal “(jigsaw puzzle”) plan based on the self-assessment and guidelines presented in this course.
B. Use the “Afformation” approach to document your plan.
C. Refer to your plan and carry out your plan on a daily basis.
D. Stick with your plan and seek consultation with a physical therapist if needed.

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Self-Manage Knee Pain

Self-Manage Knee Pain

Part 1 of 14

Self-Manage Knee Pain

Part 2 of 14

Self-Manage Knee Pain

When knee pain disrupts your daily activities and hinders your quality of life, finding effective and safe solutions becomes paramount. Invasive treatments like steroids, injections, and surgery come with great costs and risks. 

“Self-Manage Knee Pain” is backed by extensive research and worldwide guidelines on conservative knee pain care. Reduce your reliance on strong medications with harmful side effects. Prevent strength and muscle mass loss due to decreased activity caused by knee pain. Maintain a healthy weight.

Discover how to take control of your knee pain and regain a pain-free life with our evidence-based and practical approaches.

Our Patients

Our Testimonials

 My knee pain significantly reduced by 60% and after eight sessions

“I was referred to Ron Clinton to address my knee pain related problems. Each week, I run about 15 miles on a treadmill and play two rounds of golf. I developed pain in both of my knees, noticeable when I was walking and significantly painful while climbing stairs. I was diagnosed with PFS and was referred to Ron Clinton, PT…

He helped give me relief from my knee and back pain.

“‘Thank you!’ to Ron for his directions and developing an exercise treatment for my back and my knee. My left knee was so sore, stiff and tender. I was unable to go up or down the stairs or even put on socks. After several in-person sessions with Ron and virtual sessions when I was in Hilton Head getting ready for…

The first day that I saw Ron Clinton, it was like a miracle.

“My left knee would give out on me. There was no injury or obvious cause for this sudden knee problem. I couldn’t get around without using a walker, holding someone’s arm, or holding onto the railings to support myself. The first day that I saw Ron Clinton, it was like a miracle. We talked for a while about my situation…
About Us

Meet Ron Clinton, P.T., M.Ed, Certified MDT

Ron Clinton has been passionately practicing and educating physical therapy for over 35 years. He served as the coordinator of back care at Henry Ford Hospital from 1987 to 1990 and Crittenton Hospital from 1992 to 2000, where he won “Patient Educator of the Year”. During this time, he honed his skills in spinal therapy and became a certified McKenzie and directional preference trained providers physical therapist, specializing in joint therapy.

Recognized as a leading authority in his field, Ron regularly facilitates seminars for physical therapists and shares his extensive knowledge with business and industry leaders. He has delivered hundreds of presentations and is available as a speaker for your business, industry, or community group.

Notably, Ron and his team of therapists have garnered recognition from The Cleveland Clinic for their exceptional success in treating Michigan residents dealing with significant headache symptoms. Referred by local spinal surgeons and pain specialists, the most challenging cases are entrusted to Ron and his dedicated team due to their exceptional success rate.

Ron’s dedication to helping others extends beyond his clinical practice. He has authored several books, including “Self-Manage Knee Pain: 52 Tips Before Considering Injections or Surgery” and “How to Prevent Burnout and Achieve Personal Well Being”. Additionally, he has conducted numerous workshops on stress management and has been sought after for interviews on radio and television programs to share his expertise. 

Ron is involved in numerous charitable and humanitarian initiatives. He began his career in physical therapy when his commitment to non-violence led him to it instead of joining the military during the Vietnam War.

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